Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Wakehurst FC have a Grading Policy?

Yes we do.

Are all players in all divisions graded?

Not all teams are subject to grading by the Club.

Only players wishing to play in a junior team (U10's to U18's inclusive) and Premier League and AL1's players are graded by the Club.

We do not grade U9 players but the Committee may recommend the creation of a "Red" team that will play against higher level opposition.

The Club does NOT grade players in All Age and O35 and O45 teams.

The Coaches and Managers of those teams make teams selections in these divisions.

Why do we grade players?

We are a club that welcomes and encourages players are all ages and skill levels and we also recognise the importance of the friendships and role models that our boys and girls make when playing in teams. But we also recognise that skill levels vary within teams and that often becomes more profound as players get older so it is important that we as a Club give our boys and girls the best opportunity to improve their football skills by playing them in teams that will best encourage this.